Leiden4045 start up


This summer I will be busy with the start-up of the new organisation Leiden4045. This organisation is collecting stories about people and events that took place in Leiden during World War Two. The goal is to create a community where people can contribute to the database. I will take care of all the design that is required. The website will be released the 27th of September 2017.

This contains:
– Logo and brand design;
– Facebook page icon and banner;
– Facebook post images;
– Webdesign;
– Search Engine Optimalisation;
– Promotion video of 25 secondes;
– Format for short infomation animations.

There are not many photo’s of that time without copyright. So the biggest job is to make imagery that can be used on Facebook and the website. Basically, I use stock photo’s in combination with some authentic images. For example, how to make a scan look nice for a post? All I need is an starting image and a little bit of Photoshop magic.

Wassenaar fiets briefje

leiden4045 lege stempelleiden4045 stempel


Promotion video

Printscreens van de website

Actueel homepagina - Leiden4045

website pagina - Leiden4045

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