Chickens on the farm

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The last few weeks I was busy with designing and building a website and a mascot for an ‘agribusiness’ company in Nigeria. The people in this African country like another style of webdesign than we do. They like gradients and a lot and very bright colours in their designs and overall life. In Europe and America,  we are currently in a kind of flat web design era with basic colours. According to Wikipedia 46.1% of the people of Nigeria use internet, which is 86 million people. Which makes Nigeria the African country with the biggest amount of internet users. The average download speed of 2.9Mbps, which is reasonable. But to make the website load smooth too in surrounding countries, a light-weighted design was necessary.

Because of my Internship at Fourcorners and at in60seconds I have experience with making puppets in 3D. But this is my first mascot for a client. The mascot for this Farm company is a rooster. Their main product is chicken, but they have other kinds of products too. Because they have different kinds of farming, the rooster has different attributes per product range. All of them have a bright coloured pants to make them colourful like the Nigerian people. The roosters are used on their website.

Edit oct 2016: The roosters will probably be used on the 2017 annual calender of the organisation.


Design voor de CHI Farms website

CHI Foods homepage