Acutus riding center – Colourful area

If you visit the little villages here in Alsace, will maybe remind you of the Disney movie Belle and the Beast. Touristic villages like Colmar, Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé seems to be the setting for the movie. The streets, houses and flowers look similar as in the movie.



Alsace is a very green and enjoyable region with a rift of mountains in combination with low wide plains. In spring and summer some villages are doing their best to grow loads of colourful flowers everywhere. They are called ‘Villages Fleuris’ and get even graded on the amount of flowers!

(The region is nice in spring and summer, but busy during Christmas time too, because of the huge amount of Christmas markets. Especially Strasbourg: “Capitale de Noël” – The Christmas Capital.)

When I was younger, I was into horseback riding for 9 years. Imagine how beautiful it would be to ride a horse in the nature around a city like Colmar. This is how I came on the idea of making a template for a stable in Colmar: “The Most Colourful Riding Center in Alsace!”  And just like for my Cinema template, I used the name Acutus.


During the process I kept the fold in mind, I like to use real text rather than Mock-up Lorum Ipsum text. It makes the designs more appealing and interesting. (fold: the area that you can see on a page without scrolling, like with a fold up newspaper.) I made the homepage plus three pages which should show the feeling I wanted to give this fictional company. The website should be available in French and English. I made small set-up for a mobile version too, because a mobile version can’t be missed.




About Acutus page



Our horses page




Classes page




Mobile version

phone-horse-homeheader phone-horse-home-stables

The photo’s of the horse come from the website and are licensed by Creative Commons for public use. The font is Dker Poster font and is 100% free for use.

And maybe someday I will go ride a horse in Alsace, I already look forward to it.