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Virtual Reality: For me a new type of media that I didn’t try out yet. But I’m going to change that! After some research I ordered a DIY Carton Virtual Reality set today. I bought one online for €4,40 and after 7-25 workdays I should receive my order from Hong Kong. Because I just want to try out, I didn’t want to buy an expensive device.

So what should I make in 360?

A while back my dad asked me to translate a blueprint of a house into a 3D building. It’s a hand drawn blueprint of a house in the Breestraat in Leiden. During the Second World War Jews hid in this house. So I decided to make the house in 3D and make it possible for him to visit the house.

There are several 3D program’s that give you the possibility to render your scene in 360. Lucky for me it is possible in Blender, which is my favourite 3D program. After every bit of completing one room, I exported the scene with the settings for 360*. (Real export size is 2048px by 2048px, these images are made smaller for web purposes)

Testrender 1
Testrender Breestraat 1

Testrender 2
Testrender Breestraat 2

Testrender 3
Testrender Breestraat 3

You might wonder why the same image twice, one is for the left eye the other for the right eye.

After exporting your scene you can upload it to With their application on your smartphone and your Carton Virtual Reality you can see your world in 360. It’s not very difficult to do, you just need to figure out the little tricks. A lot needs to be done for my final render, but I can’t wait to receive my VR kit from Hong Kong..

Edit: Don’t buy a Carton VR kit if you want to try it too, it’s not engaging enough and unpleasant for the skin around the eyes. Not to mention the fact that you have to hold it.

Low quality view of 360 effect
Image not available at this moment, still looking for a WP5.0 Gutenberg ready VR360 plugin.