Internship at Fourcorners

During my last year of my MBO study I did an internship at the Film- en video production company¬†Four Corners in Arnhem. This Four Corners Intern learned a lot about editing video’s and creating animations. For example, as an intern, you learn a lot by making some Behind the Scenes video’s for clients. It’s nice for the client to see how his product was made. And as an intern you learn everything about post-production: editing, sound design and correctly exporting a video. After some practice you can help with the products for real clients. Here are some video productions I was part of the production team.

OHRA - Vitaliteitsmanager

For the OHRA project I made the 3D model of the puppet, rigged the model and made a couple animations to implement into the scenes. This project was quite on a strict schedule.

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen - recruitment campaign

A few animations to integrate with video, 5 in total. Although I want to show this on my portfolio, Four Corners removed it from their website. That’s why only visitors of my portfolio may see it. Password: HAN

Letter animations of the CBRE film

3D models, rigging and animations of a few scenes

Behind the scenes video's for clients