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In an earlier post I said that I was going to do a Digital Marketing course at the Shaw Academy. It was a foundation course for beginners but for people that want to refresh their memory is it interesting too. A few weeks ago I made the Final assignment and passed it with the mark ‘Distinction’.


The course

Normally the classes are quite expensive and a single course costs €395,- . Currently the Shaw Academy offers new people a free first course and at websites like you can get sometimes big discounts.

The course consists of 8 live classes with a real person on the other side of the screen and 2 On-Demand classes, which are pre-recorded video’s. The information is presented in a PowerPoint presentation, the teacher is not visible. After each live class there is a Q&A of around 10-15 minutes. Questions can be placed during class and Q&A in the question box. The e-learning environment is hosted by Citrix and you have to install a program in order to watch the live class. For the live classes a decent internet connection is recommended. After each week you get an possibility to test your new knowledge with questions based on the latest classes.

You can find more information about which subjects are included in this Digital Marketing course on the Shaw Academy website.

Please note that the video’s of the classes are only 11 days available for watching after the last lesson.


My experience

For me the course was surprisingly interesting. I learned a couple of new things and refreshed my knowledge a bit. The information was not that deep, but it was useful basic knowledge. The subject Digital Marketing is so broad that some of the offered classes with a certain topic were not really interesting for me. The teacher was enthusiastic and engaging to come to every live class.

During the classes I felt quite lonely watching the teacher explain things. I knew there were others watching too, but how many and where do they come from?  When I asked how many people were watching during a class the answer: a couple of hundred. I wish there was some interaction between the other students too.

You get a support manager assigned during the course, who you can email your questions if your question didn’t get answered in the live lesson. Around the 9th class this support manager won’t email back anymore.

We got three extra bonus lessons, which were classes from other times, or other classes.


The final assignment

The final assignment was made on an external website: The test consists 100 multiple choice questions that you have to complete within 2 hours. You need at least 50 questions correct which gives you a percentage of 50%. You have only one attempt to pass the test.

This is the grade system:

  • Fail <50%
  • Pass 50% – 64%
  • Merit 65% – 84%
  • Distinction 85% – 100%

I must say that there were several spelling mistakes in the test which made it a bit sloppy, especially when you have to pay a €5,- administration fee for it. Another thing is that I highly recommend the Shaw Academy to make their own environment for the weekly assignments and final assignments, it makes it look more professional.


How to pass the test?

Of course watch the video’s. Do all the assignments, but be aware that there will be new questions of course too. Some questions felt ridiculous as they were not treated in the lessons.

I was able to answer 88 out of 100 questions correct, which gave me 88%.

You have 2 hours the time to complete the test. I took me only 43 min and 58 seconds, so don’t worry that you don’t have enough time. You will.

So I passed the test and got rewarded with this diploma in pdf which stated: The certifies that Cecilia Siebelt has successfully demonstrated proficient comprehension of the foundation course syllabus and is therefore awarded this diploma. With the grade, date and signed by Stephen Pettigrew, president.

Fabulous! But what is the value of this diploma?

On the bottom of the diploma, there is a little logo of The CPD Certification Service. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. I tried to find out what the value is but that was impossible. So I assume it has not much value, except you can show that you have been busy with learning some new stuff.

Here is the explanation on the official website of the certification of the Shaw Academy:


Overall conclusion

It was an interesting course and it was fun for 10 lessons.  But in my opinion, don’t do it for the certificate. The knowledge is more worth than having a PDF file with your name on it.



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