Internship at in60seconds

As a student of HAN University of Applied Sciences I have to do two internships during my study. For my first internship, I was lucky enough to be an intern at the animation studio in60seconds in Amsterdam for five months. in60seconds has an awesome team of people that are very passionate about what they do.  I gained a lot of new knowledge in projects for customers to whom I could cooperate. This new knowledge I used for my own assignment: Make an ‘explanimation’. As I could choose my own subject, I decided to make an explanimation about color blindness. Because designers use certain colours for their products, I realised that not everyone observe the same colours. Even one colour on my screen doesn’t have to look the same on your screen. So I was wondering: which people are colour-blind and how do they experience colour? All though in60seconds almost only creates two-dimensional (2D) animation, it seemed fun to make my animation video in three-dimensional (3D).
First I thought of a concept and then developed into a storyboard. A good explanimation is round 60 seconds, and in those 60 seconds a voice-over can say around 100 words. So your explaination has to be clear quite fast. It’s difficult to make the story fast and smooth at the same time.

After the storyboard I made the models for my explanimation in the open source program Blender. Which is an amazing program if you don’t have thousands of Euro’s to spend on software. Basically, it is a rich, professional 3D software for free. That is pretty cool!

The end result

After a long time of rendering the video, the sound was edited and the voice-over (special thanks to Coen of in60seconds) was added. Five months were past and this is the end result.

AFAS video’s

During my internship, I helped create some other video’s like the following video. I made a lot of animations and I did the sound design for this video. Sound is an important piece of a video. Your video is nice but the audio is not good or the voice annoying, people won’t stay around watching it. Password: AFAS