Illustration course at FHV

During the Illustration course at the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg, I had to make some illustrations for children. The main goal was to work with multiple layers. This means that every element needs to be done on a separate layer. I used finger-paint for the colour of the different layers.

Centipede fingerpaint made at Illustration course FHV

spider fingerpaint made at Illustration course

Wasp Illustration course FVH

Another assignment was to find an interesting artist and try his style. I chose the great Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali.
I used his painting ‘The temptation of ST. Anthony’ as an inspiration source. Next to the right foot of the peacock there is a tiny human for scale.

And this is what I made of it. Used Photoshop to give the drawing some colour.
Peacock Illustration course FVH

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