First year, check!

So yeah, I got my propedeuse (the first year of a HBO study in the Netherlands) in a half year instead of a year. I’m quite proud of that! But what did I make in those 20 weeks? A lot! I made a overview of the courses that I completed.

Course: Redesign
The course redesign was all about branddesign. For this course I needed to create my own brand and make a magazine. I already posted about this earlier. View this post.

Course: Remediate
In a group of two we had to redesign a website of a magazine. Since my teammate and I both liked food a lot, we chose to redesign the website of ELLEN Eten. We did some research on the target audience and wrote a communication plan. In the end, I made a website prototype for our team.
Elleneten first year

Course: Immersive space
The deadlines of the first year were so tight, I almost didn’t have time to complete this course. But after hard work I managed to make an application with three ‘spaces’. I drew everything in Flash, with some Actionscript 3.0 to create some interaction.
Click to see for yourself!


Course: Direct E-Mail
Another course in the first year of the HAN University of Applied Sciences is to create a direct e-mail with a group of two. We had to choose our own product and a client. And yet again I worked with the same person who likes food too! We chose Mars delight and the dating site Pepper. The first step was to make a creative brief and later I made the email for our team. We even send it to a select group of classmates with Microsoft Access!  View the Mars Delight Direct e-mail

Marsdelight first year

Course: Portal
Create a portal with Joomla! was the main objective of this course. After writing a ridiculous amount of papers about the requirements and such, I could make the actual Joomla! portal for a . To give rights to a certain usergroup was a true nightmare! But during the Christmas holiday’s I managed to understand the concept of the right structure.

printscreenportal_1printscreenportal_6 first yearprintscreenportal_4printscreenportal_10printscreenportal_13printscreenportal_5

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