Internship: Ministery of Defence

I completed my graduation internship at the E-learning division of the Department of Defence. Here I learned to work with the program Captivate. This is a software to create responsive E-learning content. With the software you can build and test content and even track the results of your students. In 2009 I already had an e-learning internship at a company in Deventer. So creating e-learning was not completely new to me. Although I won’t/can’t talk in detail what I did exactly, I can say that I made a concept and a prototype for an e-learning module.

For this internship, I used my knowledge of my previous internship.

First I had to make the normal images into comic book style.
Helicopter VBS2 e-learning internship

Helicopter VBS2 e-learning internship

This is the screen of briefing.

After a short story, a choice have to be made.

In a short video (in comic style) the action you took is shown and maybe it has consequences. Basically, when you shoot at people.. you get the point.
Feedback is given and you continue with a different, randomly selected, scenario. There are a lot of scenario’s with different levels of difficulty.

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