Acutus cinema – Enjoying the movies

Since 2011 I use sometimes the name ‘Acutus’ as a basic brand name for experimental purposes. This is because I made a magazine with this same name once. I think it is time to make a new template. Recently I moved to ‘a bigger city’, and finally there is a cinema nearby (read: on walking distance). Almost every week I go there to watch a movie. This gave me the idea of making this website template for a cinema.

First, I had to make a Acutus logo that would fit with this personal project. The basic idea of this logo is to use the A of Acutus sideways to make an eye. The blue and red of the eye is symbolic to 3D movies. The dots come from a tear-off edge of a ticket.


Single movie page

This is the single movie page of this template. This includes some information about the movie and multiple days and times that the movies are playing are shown.

Mobile version
For the mobile version I thought about what you need when watching a Cinema website on your phone. Basically, ‘which movies are playing tonight’. Next thing, you want the contact data, which comes in handy when you don’t go that often. Another thing I held in account is the reach of your thumb, especially when your phone screen is like 5″+ big. After some online research I discovered that some people did a test about this subject. Based on their findings I placed important buttons easily reachable. For example, the menu is at the bottom instead of the right top corner as people are used to. I tried to have the most important menu items easy reachable with an average thumb.