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5 tips for learning a new language

FLE book - learning a new language


How is tips  learning a new language is on my mind? The reason is simple: I will stay in France for a while.

So I’m doing my best to learn some French during the time I’m there. Around 10 years ago I learned some French in High school, but I admit, I was not very good at it. A few months ago, I was barely on the ‘buying-a-baguette-level’.  “Bonjour, une baguette s’il vous plaît. Merci, au revoir.”  Don’t get me wrong, being able to buy a baguette can be very useful. But it’s not enough when you want to stay a little longer. So the difficult task to fulfill was learning some more French.

Although if I’m not going to stay forever in France, I will take time to learn a few more words. Simply because I think language is the key to success, to make my life in France more easy and engaging. And it is not only literally language in daily life, but in many things. In digital marketing, for example, how using suitable language and the proper words can have so much power. In school learned something about this, but in my opinion, I can learn a lot more in this area. It’s the reason why I’m going to follow a digital marketing course at the Shaw Academy soon.

So here are the tips:

5 tips that can help you learn a new language

Tip 1: Put Post-its’ on objects in your house

In most languages, it matters if words a feminine or masculine, so pay attention to it. If you have trouble to remember, use different colour post-its. In my case, masculine words have blue post-its and feminine words have orange posts-its. It works, I can name now every room in the house.

La porte post it - 5 tips to learn a new language


Tip 2: Read kids’ books

Seriously, you learn words that you normally won’t use. A while ago I read a book about une grenouille et une princesse. (Frog and the princess) I don’t have a frog in my house to put a Post-it on. And no need to buy books, just go to the library and become a member.


Tip 3: Do activities in the city

If you live in a decent size city, the city most of the time organize activities. Go there, ask for the toilet. Buy food. Practice.


Tip 4: Learn most common verbs as soon as possible.

Of course it is nice to know the words for chair, lamp or car. But if you don’t know any verbs it’s quite difficult to make clear what you want.


Tip 5: Don’t stick with the language you already know

This is my biggest mistake during learning the language. The people around me know English, so I use English instead of French to communicate. It is easier, but not very smart, because I should use them as free of charge teachers!


Bonus tip: Learn grammar in a local language school.

I joined the Université Populaire for a Français Langue Étrangère (FLE) course level 1. Université Populaire is a local school where you can do all sorts of classes like painting, making music, yoga and a large amount of different languages.  In 8 classes I learned some fundamental grammar like the past, present and future.

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I hope these 5 tips will give you some inspiration to learn a new language. It certainly helped me a lot. With learning new things is planning and focus super important! And I keep telling myself to have patience, because you don’t learn a new language overnight. I won’t stop trying to learn new things, because I’m curious and new skills can be useful too!

Next time I will write about the Digital Marketing course went.



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